• Soap Studio Dark Knight 1/12 Scale RC Batman Tumbler Deluxe Verison

    From Soap Studio comes 1/12 Scale RC Batman Tumbler from Dark Knight Trilogy. The Deluxe version comes with the Batman Tumbler, Batman Action Figure and Charging Base that doubles as a Diorama Display.
    The Tumbler is controlled via Soap Studio's App that downloads to IPad or Tablet. Once you sync the tumbler to your Ipad you can control the Tumbler's many features including opening cockpit, lights, sound effects, Spoilers and Camera. 
    You can drive the Tumbler on your Ipad or device either with joystick control or motion. Once you active the Attack Mode the Tumbler will respond to your Ipad movements. Use the Foam Bumper Protector that goes around the Tumbler to protect it during play. This is highly recommended for beginners or when your using attack mode as the device movement is quite sensitive.
    Charge your Tumbler directly from AC Adapter or from the Diorama Display Case. You can display the Tumbler from the Display Case that includes LED Lights that light up the Tumbler. Details of the Tumbler Specs is printed on the front of the Display Base. To complete the Diorama this comes with a Dark Knight Backdrop as well as Girder Truss Bridge Structure.
    You can buy this now for $799. Please allow 1 week for delivery.


     Quick Start Guide
    1) Unpack Tumbler from Box
    2) Remove all protective film from Tumbler prior to opening cockpit or deploying spoilers
    3) Insert Battery
    4) Charge Battery for at least 2 hours 
    5) Download App from Soap Studio
    6) Turn on the Tumbler
    7) Go to your Wifi Setting and Connect to Tumbler
    8) Once Connected the Blinking Light will Stop Blinking Open Up the App and start driving
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