Helpful Information

  • Model Airliners and Airport

    A large portion of our store and our products is dedicated to model airplanes. Not so much the hobby airplanes like Remote control or model kits, though we carry some model kits but the replica or collectible kind.  The smaller scale 1/400 or 1/500 are normally made of diecast metal and offer a collector the ability to have a large range of planes. This scale also allows the planes to be displayed in a model airport. While these planes at times are smaller than hot wheels cars they can be quite expensive. Many are produced in limit quantities and are...

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  • Scale Model and Sizes

    How big a model is determined by the scale ratio. For example A real Boeing 737-800 is about 129 feet long, if the model of the 737-800 is 1/200 scale it would be  the original size divided by the scale or 129 feet divided by 200 which equals 7 3/4 inches long.  Scale ratio is expressed either 1/200 or 1:200.  The smaller the scale ratio the larger the model will be.  For Example here are the approximate measurements for a 737-800 model by scale 1/44 = 2 feet 11.18 inches 1/72 = 1 feet 9.5 inches 1/100 = 1 feet...

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