• Modern US Military Individual Load-Carrying Equipment 1/35 Model Kit


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    The first one -- SPS-015 Modern U.S. Military Individual Load-Carrying Equipment

    Individual Load-Carrying Equipment is indispensable for soldiers in fights. The burden of Individual Load-Carrying Equipment directly affects the results and enduring ability of fights. In recent years, all countries increasingly pay attention to research and improvement of it, including the U.S., one of the forerunners, which has engaged in modern wars. When building modern military figures or war dioramas, probably you always feel something missing. So, MENG now releases this set of Modern U.S. Military Individual Load-Carrying Equipment after studying a lot of reference materials.SPS-015 kit is made up of field packs, hamlets, one water bag, water canteens, medikits, moisture-proof pads and protective cases. The kit consists of two sprues. You can use the equipment with figures and you can also put them in dioramas.

    ATTENTION MODEL KIT: Not a toy. This set requires both glue and paint in order to be completed. Not included.

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