• Gundam Iron Blood Orphans Gundam Vual High Grade 1/144 Model Kit


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  • Description

    From the official side story, "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans: Moonlight", Gundam Vual - arch enemy of Gundam Astaroth - is now available as a model kit! The jet-black mobile suit that engaged in fierce battles with Gundam Astaroth is equipped with the Mining Hammer, which possesses incredible destructive power! Original transformative gimmicks have been incorporated into the backpack that refer to the Astaroth Origin. This mobile suit can also combine with other model kits from the HG Iron-Blooded Orphans series! Set includes Mining Hammer x1, Spartan Shield x1, Shoulder mounted shield x1, and Glaive x1. Runner x6. Sticker x1. Instruction manual x1.

    ATTENTION MODEL KIT: Not a toy. This set requires assembly in order to be completed. Colored plastic, little to no paint required to complete the model however the completed model as depicted has been professionally painted and detailed.

    Ages 15+

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