• Dragon 1/3 Firearms Series - Replica of M14 Rifle BLACK


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    Dragon is proud to announce its 1/3 Firearms Series.

    This is 1/3 replica of M14 Rifle in BLACK 

    Official nomenclature of this weapon is United States Rifle, Caliber 7.62mm, M14. The 5.2kg and 1.181m-long weapon was produced from 1959-64. The 7.62x51mm M14 was the last ‘battle rifle’ (a weapon that fires full-power rifle ammunition), and it was eventually superseded by the M16 assault rifle. Interestingly, the success of the design is seen in the fact that M14s are still being used as specialist sniper rifles by the US military in Afghanistan and Iraq even today. The M14 can trace its lineage back to the M1 Garand, and it served well enough in Vietnam, although its bulk and weight proved unwieldy in the thick jungle foliage. It was the mainstay infantry weapon in Vietnam until the M16 began appearing in 1966.

    Dragon’s 1/3 scale M14 rifle accurately resembles the real thing. Its realism is illustrated in working features like a detachable magazine, simulated bolt action, and even a trigger that has movement like that of the original. The miniature model is 1/3 of the size of the real one.

    • True to Scale 1/3 rifle measures about 14.5 inches long
    • Multiple realistic functional parts
    • Highly displayable and collectible
    • Accurately detailed

    ATTENTION MODEL: Not a toy. Not a firearm. This item is 1/3rd the size of the real one and is for display purposes

  • Dragon 1/3 Firearms Series - Replica of M14 Rifle BLACK
  • Dragon 1/3 Firearms Series - Replica of M14 Rifle BLACK

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