• Meet the family

    Rubber Ducks Party Favor Size are available at our Make your own party favor wall. You can add one to your favor box or just buy one as a toy. We have Rubber ducks in many different styles and we even got a small duck to top your pencil.  

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  • Kucube Building Toy 300 Pc Starter Set $5.00

    Kucube is a unique building block toy with four sides of dovetail groove and dovetail guides, the top has plug columns, the bottom has plug hole. The unique design allows for blocks to be connected on the side or on top and bottom. Build 3D or 2D with Kucube. Each kucube is 11.5mm cube. This 300 kucube block set comes with 50 each White, Black, Red, Yellow, Light Blue and Light Green Blocks. Each set comes with a storage bag and an idea book.                                 ...

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  • Welcome to our new website

    This is our brand new website. The goal is to make it easier to shop with us so feel free to make suggestion on how we can improve it.  Now that being said I am not exactly a pro in website design so not all suggestions will be implemented. In the future I will be adding a site map to assist with the location of inventory. The idea is to have my products indexed by scale, manufacturer and model.     Thanks for visiting.    

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