• Futurama Talking Bender Deluxe Figure


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    Your favorite wise cracking robot is back and just as loud mouth as ever. Featuring over 12 phrases voiced by actor John DiMaggio himself, each Talking Bender figure comes complete with 3 sets of interchangeable eyes for a range of classic Bender expressions. Bender's chest also opens up, providing great storage space for all of that stolen loot. You don't want to miss out on this loveable bending robot collectible or you'll have to hear it from him, "Shut up and pay attention to me, Bender".

    Bender Bending Rodriguez is a Unit 22 Bending Unit made in Mexico, child number 1729 of a robotic arm mother and a father killed by a can opener. He is a heavy drinker and smoker for mechanical reasons but he pathologically steals, cheats and lies for fun. His electricity dependency is under control. He is 40% zinc, 40% titanium and 40% dolomite, but he was briefly made of wood and once converted into an Olympic medalist fembot. He is a devotee of All My Circuits, having appeared on the show after serving as a water heater for its star Calculon (whom he stalked and nearly married). He toured with Beck, escaped from Robot Hell and suffered the curse of the were car. You know, the usual stuff.

    Features include:

    • Over 12 Phrases

    • Bendable arms and legs

    • Openable chest plate with compartment

    • Interchangable eye attachments for a range of expressions

    • 9 inches tall

    • Batteries included

    ADULT COLLECTIBLE MODEL - Not intended for children under 14


  • Futurama Talking Bender Deluxe Figure
  • Futurama Talking Bender Deluxe Figure

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