• Dragon Armor Heavy Uniform Personnel Vehicle Type 40 1/72 Scale Model


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  • Description

    1/72 Heavy Uniform Personnel Vehicle Type 40, Unidentified Unit, Eastern Front 1941



    - Fully assembled about 2 5/8" inches long

    - Quality construction

    - Highly detailed

    - Accurate markings and insignia

    - Includes protective display case 

    The 4x4 heavy car was produced by Auto Union and Horch from 1938 onwards, and it served in all theaters of WWII. The original Type 1a had four-wheel steering, while the later Type 1b produced from 1940 onwards had regular front-wheel steering. This vehicle possessed four-wheel drive, but production ceased in 1941 as part of German efforts to standardize production. The personnel carrier was powered by a V8 Horch engine of 3.823-liter capacity.

    Dragon Armor’s 1/72 scale miniature version naturally makes use of the new toolings created in the earlier release. The open-topped body containing three bench seats (able to accommodate five passengers and the driver) is full of detail. Even the tread pattern on the floor plate is replicated! There is also an MG34 machine gun provided on a pintle mount for antiaircraft duties. The model beautifully captures the look and stance of the Horch 4x4 heavy car, and the windscreen employs transparent plastic. The vehicle from an unidentified unit fighting on the Eastern Front is finished in a three-color camouflage pattern, while small details like the license plate are also present.

    ADULT COLLECTIBLE MODEL - Not intended for children under 14.

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